Young And Ready Project

We stand on our 3 pillars of culture, education, and economics. ABT’s training program is designed to reach out to young adults giving them the motivation to become self sufficient.


Cultural Arts Programs, Projects, Events & Movements

Ages - 5 to 12, 13 to 17 & 18 and up

ABT training programs/projects are designed to teach life skills (enhancement coaching), to build self-esteem, and to provide a safe environment to educate and train youth, their families and the residents of the West Humboldt Park area in which we are located.

We train youth ages 5 to 17 for special events to showcase their talents as a method to generate income back into their community. We also provide services to other communities, schools and churches in the Chicago, IL area at large.


Providing An Avenue

WE understand change begins with “YOUTH.” They are our future… our community. If we don’t provide an avenue for them within our communities some youth will never experience change or to be led by their purpose. We believe education is very important however; there are individuals who will never go to college but will take a trade to better themselves and their family. Males and females as young as sixteen can enroll in our entrepreneur/Job training programs.


  • Create Opportunity
  • Creating Entrepreneurs
  • Building Confidence


Youth Economic Development (YED)

We provide individuals with educational and occupational skill training leading to economic self sufficiency. ABT’s training program is designed to reach out to young adults giving them the motivation to become self sufficient. Participants learn to ‘tap’ into the skill “gift”, set attainable goals and achieve them in a timely manner.

Community Benefit

We provide young adults of West Humboldt Park with job readiness/preparedness skills to secure employment that will lead to obtaining a livable wage and restore economics in the community in which they live.


120+ young adults in the West Humboldt Park community with job placement.

Healthy Hair Initiative (HHI)

We provide training project-based learning will cover the basics of hair braiding. The project is designed to introduce students to the hair braiding profession specifically and to the profession of natural hair styling, in general. ABT’s project-based courses provide an introduction to the marketable skills training in the broader field of professional hair braiding and natural hair care and what is required to become a professional braid technician and how this profession can contribute to economic self-sufficiency.

Cultural skills training includes positive thinking, evaluation of self, creating a “new me,” etiquette of body image, identifying skills, focusing on healthy thinking, conflict resolution and healthy eating. Project-based learning courses includes instruction and practical experience in hair braiding, twisting, locking hair, natural styling, weaving and other extension applications, along with retailing products and business ethics materials. Curriculum also stresses state laws and regulations, sanitation, personal appearance, hygiene, quality customer service, personal motivation, development, and goal setting.

Career Opportunities

Get certified through WB Natural Hair Institute.  After the completion of a two year apprenticeship, individuals can qualify to become: a Certified Wrap Braider,  Braid Technician Assistant (BTA), Certified Loctician or Certified Weave specialist.  Employment options can range from working with WBNHI, to one or  more than 100 facilities certified by SPP in the Chicago Illinois’ area or work independently.

Find out more information about WB Natural Hair Institute (WBNHI).

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Youth Talk Now!

Youth Talk Now is a panel discussion and stage performances hosted by trained youth to speak on real life issues, what matters to them, and why they do what they do.


YTN’s mission is to motivate the youth to reach inside themselves to share their concerns with a purpose coach/instructor and audience.

YTN training provides an outlet for panel discussions concerning life and its purpose, identity crises, survival-verses-education, job-versus- career, family traditions, and community involvement.

Critical Thinking

How does YTN do it?

By taking a negative situation and turning it into a positive outcome. The strategy is to utilize everyday life experience through panel discussions, conversations, monologues and role play with audience participation to create empathy and sympathy moments.

Young And Ready Project

Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Our trainees get the opportunity to get hands on experience learning woodwork skills.