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It’s Here! Young And Ready Project (YARP) BTA Training Program

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Braiding is not just an ART, it’s a CAREER…

YARP founders truly understand that change begins with “YOUth” they are our future… our community. If we don’t provide an avenue for them within our communities some youth will never experience change or to be led by purpose. YARP believes education is very important however; there are individuals who will never go to college but will take a trade to better themselves and their families. And we are an entity that provides just that kind of training, an institute for males/females that has an interest in braiding, natural hair styles, consulting, or marketing. As of January 1, 2011 the law requires that individuals that practice braiding or natural hair styles must have a license. Youth as young as sixteen to adult can enroll in our braiding program. With completion of training individuals will receive a certificate and job placement, once they have completed their apprenticeship training they can began a great and rewarding career.


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Welcome to our world of Natural Hair and Beauty Culture, Natural Hair Fest Chicago Mid-Winter 2018. In the middle of this winter season we continue to engage and inspire all within reach in solidarity with the local, statewide, regional, national and global natural hair movement. We also greet with open arms information seekers and those who are now ready to crossover and mesh with this lifestyle choice.

Natural Hair Fest Chicago is designed to promote a way of life that nurtures natural hair growth and teaches proper regimens for the care and maintenance of healthy, natural hair. We are equally concerned about beginning the the process of healing and taking preventative measures to offset hair loss and disorders of the scalp that plague our communities in epidemic proportion. We summit to pin-point, intercept, negate and correct mis-education, mis-information, and bad habits that lead to challenges associated with managing our coarse, curly, kinky, coily and multi-textured hair types